In Vino Veritas

The series entitled In Vino Veritas is an experience with color, often created in metal by chemical reactions, and a tribute to the resilience of vines. It reflects the affinities that unite the world of wine with artistic endeavour: the passing of time, involvement of the senses, technique, and vision. Both are alchemical worlds and pillars of culture.

Since 2015
Technique: acid etched steel, chemical reactions, inks.

Spring Vine. 80x80cm

Spring Vine. 80x80cm

Crazy Vine. 25x23cmFalls Vine. 80x80cmGrapes and Vine. 25x23cmSpring Vine. 80x80cmSummer Vine. 80x80cmVieilles vignes. 25x23cmLe feu. 25x33cmWine Moon. 25x23cmVigne Chinoise. 25x33cmSous la pluie. 25x33cmLa rosée. 25x33cmWinter Vine. 80x80cm