Palo Alto

Composed of 16 prints associated with a poem by Alberto Ávila Salazar, Palo Alto is an artist’s book where the architecture and some animal forms derived from the Gallery of Paleontology in Paris are mixed. One can perceive the influence of the “Prisons” of Piranesi where the structure becomes a labyrinth, where phantom skeletons wander in search of their own sense. Of course… the poem speaks of the story of a lost love.

Technique: etching
Text: Alberto Ávila Salazar
Translation: Françoise Diarte
Printed in the workshop Juan Lara – Madrid
Layout: Underbau – Madrid
Binding: La Eriza – Madrid

Livre ouvert

Livre ouvert

Livre ouvertEstampe et sa plaqueEscribirte una carta. 38x47cmFantômes obscurs. 38x47cmPyramides tronquées. 38x47cmNoche con ojos de insectos. 38x47cmL'oeuvre crue de Dieu. 38x47cmLes souvenirs. 38x47cmJ'erre. 38x47cm