Venus Vesper

Venus, the first evening star, a symbol of femininity. And Vesper, the star’s name by night. Two facets of the same object. To unite them, is to synthesize the complexity of the being and to affirm that the Yin and the Yang work together. These facilities are also tributes to famous women artists such as Louise Bourgeois or Niki de Saint Phalle. Or archetypes like Alice in Wonderland.

Since 2015

La cène. Les Venusiennes. 300cm

La Cène. Les Vénusiennes. 300cm

La Cène. Les Vénusiennes. 300cmLa Cène. Les VespériennesHommage a Louise BourgeoisDétail Louise BourgeoisDétail l'araignée de Louise BourgeoisHommage a Niki de Saint Phalle, la Mariée .200cmLuz y sombra. 100cmLa longue Dame Brune. 180cmThe Right Way. 230x180x15cm