English Knights.
The forms are fossils, prehistoric. They are shells embedded in the metal and evoke silhouettes of knights in their armour bearing weapons.
But the disposition and the images are ambiguous… Sometimes we may think of a squad, sometimes of prisoners in a line waiting for the verdict of an executioner.
Who is who? And who does what? It is not easy to answer this question. Because the roles are interchangeable, the interpretation is open.

Since 2009
Technique: acid etched steel, oxidation, welding, inks.

One Big Knight. 75x75cm

One Big Knight. 75x75cm

One Big Knight. 75x75cmFantasma. 100x75cmGolden Knights. 100x100cmGrey Knights. 75x48cmKnights and Weapons, aluminium. 58x40cmKnights and Weapons, black steel. 20x26cmSeven Knights. 100x75cmTwo Knights. 58x40cmPricky Knights. 20x30cm