Mil chapas

“A thousand metal plates”.
358 miniatures (6cm x 3cm) of steel are engraved, from which their differing prints were born, like negative images of the plate eaten by the acid, and forming a diptych.
What is the intended image or reality? The steel matrix or its printed image on paper? Is this the Allegory of Plato’s Cave? Is there a reality and its reflection? Always in life, there is an object, and its reflection, different, as inverted. Between the luminosity of the metal and the dark print, the reality appears between two truths, between light and shadow.

Since 2011
Technique: Etched metal/ Etching.

C333. 6x3cm

C333. 6x3cm

C333. 6x3cmC68 gravure. 18x13cmC69 gravure. 18x13cmC142 gravure. 18x13cmC216 gravure. 18x13cmDiptyque C208. 24x32cmDiptyque C274. 24x32cmDiptyque C289. 24x32cmDiptyque C328. 24x32cm