The Awaking of the Vineyard

«When I approached the world of wine and vineyard, I immediately noticed its components are all round shapes: grapes, glasses, bottles, barrels… With the exception of manually drawn lines in fields and wineries, everything is organic in the world of wine. The vineyard itself suggests a tangle of curves – the twisted vines and the serrated edges of the leaves – a place where wildlife such as birds, mice and insects come to shelter. The vineyard is a world soft by its forms but with strong demands. That’s a universe I like!» I.D.

Since 2012
Technique: acid etched steel, inks.

La cuve. 80x80cm

La cuve. 80x80cm

La cuve. 80x80cmCellulaire. 80x80cmLas viñas negras. 50x40cmLes sarments. 80x80cmMidnight Summer Dream. 50x40cmSwing. 50x40cmUva e insecto. 50x40cmUva y viña. 50x40cmViña. 50x40cmVine, grapes and bird. 80x80cm