Tribute to water

Tribute to water

The melting of the great glaciers, the consequences of drought, happy memories of my childhood in Brittany, visions of the magic lakes of Japan, the beautiful coast of Northern Cantabria, boats on the sea, water etched with waves, islands….The taste of water in my mouth, of all the waters of every city I have visited. These are the emotions that bind me to this essential liquid for our planet. Water gives life. We need to honor it and protect it.

Since 2018. Some forty works in Chinese ink and acrylic. Here comes a sample.

La Greve 70x100cm

La Greve. 70x100cm

La Greve 70x100cmL'averse 100x70cmLes Flots 70x100cmFalaise et Mer 70x100cmExperience de decongelation 50x70cmEvening Star 100x70cmTribute to Water 100x70cmAkita Water 100x70cmThe River Japan 100x70cmOcean Japon 70x100cmMarais 70x50cmL'etang 50x70cmLa fonte des grands glaciers 70x50cmLes nympheas 35x50cmThe Storm 70x50cmSky and Sea 35x50cm